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1901 10 - They tend to pay within 2 months after the date of invoice Payment received: YES (hundreds of pounds). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Assumed terms of 60 days EOM are based on info provided] 6/18/2005
1900 10 30 days end of month - NO, we never received the balance Payment of about EUR 2,300 Payment received: NEVER!! (EUR 3,700). (Will work for again: No, unless they pay in full and change their business approach ) We have been working with this agency since the beginning of 2002. They have always been late with Payments but at least they were paying until the beginning of 2004. In January 2004 they made a partial Payment for the sums due for 2003 and we continued to work with them until April 2004, expecting the balance Payment of about EUR 2,300. We never received this balance Payment, and they do not seem to note our numerous reminders. When we try to contact them on the phone, they always lie that their manager Deborah Matei is not in the office, that they have made a new partial Payment, etc. We strongly advise freelancers and agencies to avoid any business contacts with R.T.S. from Ireland. 4/25/2007 0:00
1899 10 approx. one week following invoice - YES Payment received: YES (over 500 Euro). (Will work for again: Absolutely) 12/6/2009
1898 10 net 30 - Always on time Payment received: yes (Several 1000s of $). (Will work for again: Absolutely, still do.) Very professional agency. Highly recommended. 10/14/2010

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