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1896 10 30 - On time Payment received: NO, I eventually got paid 9-10 months later after threatening them of going to court (Various amounts small and medium). (Will work for again: I do) 9/14/2005
1895 10 30 days EOM - delayed and only actually received on 3.12.04 but see note below Payment received: Yes (L109). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Rating based on date constructively received of 24 Nov.] Romo Transllations was based at Imperial House, 49 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3TY when I worked for them - I assume they have moved since then. The letter including the cheque was sent without postage (I am assuming this was an oversight) so this delayed receipt of the cheque because the Post Office insisted on me paying the fee of L1.21 before they would deliver the letter. The PO card asking for the fee was dated 24.11.04 but I was away when the card asking for this fee was delivered to me - hence the delay in actual receipt of the cheque. 10/14/2007
1894 10 - ON TIME Payment received: Slightlylate, paid on 12.05.06 (GBP 100S). (Will work for again: YES) 6/15/2005
1893 10 30 eom - on time Payment received: Slightly late, paid on 12.05.06 (several GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Sure) I have worked with the Glasgow office many times. No problems. 9/20/2008

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