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1890 0 30 days - Yes, always Payment received: YES -1694. (Will work for again: With pleasure ) Very good to work with, supportive and helpful when necessary. 11/23/2006
1889 0 30 days end of mont - yes Payment received: yes (thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: I still do ) I'm not sure what their Payment terms are but they always pay me before my invoices are actually due. 3/29/2007
1888 10 30 days - on time Payment received: Payment after 4 months (many thousands of). (Will work for again: am doing so right now ) one of my favourite agencies. No complaints at all. 4/3/2006
1887 10 3 weeks from receipt of invoice - Partial Payment received on time Payment received: yes, on time (Total was $176.89 USD, $87.50 USD not paid). (Will work for again: No) Several years ago I did work for this individual without incident. Earlier this year he again hired me to do a variety of tasks, the most time-consuming being writing and sending 4 messages (2 e-mail, 2 postal letters)in German on the client's behalf, preparing 2 German-to-English transllations, and arranging a bank draft in Euros to pay his research bill from a government department in Germany. I took care of these tasks between April and June of 2004, kept track of expenses he had agreed to reimburse, kept track of my time, and billed accordingly at the agreed-upon hourly rate. The client sent partial Payment, enough to cover expenses (postage, bank draft, bank fees) and two hours of my time (the billed amount was five and a half hours). In response to my e-mail asking for clarification, the client claimed he had run a time/task analysis and decided that I had inflated my time sheets. I had identified 25 distinct tasks performed on his behalf and had not even included legitimate 8/28/2005

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