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1886 10 30 days - Always on time, well before 30 days. Payment received: First invoice on time, the others delayed by 7 to 11 months. (I don't know exactly, several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Yes, should the assignments become larger. ) Rebecca is very nice and helpful. I haven't work for her for about six months because the jobs are most of the time very small (a few words or a few sentences) and therefore not profitable in the long run. 12/1/2005
1885 10 not officially established, but 30 days assumed (by me) - Always on time, well before 30 days. Payment received: YES (several hundred to a thousand dollars). (Will work for again: I do regularly) Rebecca is very conscientious with her subs and one client I never worry about when it comes to Payments. 11/20/2011
1884 10 30 days maximum - Yes, no problem at all Payment received: No, it was a month late (ca. 1500 USD). (Will work for again: definitely, I would love to) Rebecca is a very nice person to work with. Assignments are well managed, and the delivery time is realistic. Definitely, agency worth recommending! 5/25/2008
1883 10 net 30 I think (not sure) - Received on time Payment received: yes ($30). (Will work for again: yes) Rebecca Gilbert (the owner, I believe) always pays almost immediately upon delivery of projects. Most jobs I've handled for her are small (business cards) but even with the occasional larger job, Payment has never been a problem. Always well before the month is up. 8/9/2011
1882 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: YES (approx. $1,200.00). (Will work for again: yes) very solid company, good to work for 9/16/2006
1881 10 30 days - YES. Always on time. Payment received: yes (several thousand dollary ). (Will work for again: I always work for them whenever they need me. ) These are very good professionals who pay punctually. Their projects are also very interesting. 12/21/2006
1880 10 60 days - only 2 of 5 Payment received: always (over 3500$ still due 2800$). (Will work for again: No) The project I was involved in was very important: many other people are in the same situation I'm in contact with at least other 3. A case has been filed with a collection agency. 5/23/2009

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