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2856 0 not rating not rating 0 I have been waiting to receive my payment (1,600 Euros) for over 4 weeks now. I keep sending them mails and receive either no answer or a promise that the amount will be paid now, but then nothing happens. BEWARE of this company. 2016-04-28
2848 0 10 10 5 They were paying well until April 2014 when they had several changes in accounting managers. I am still awaiting more than 1000 since last April which I am being promised is being processed on a weekly basis :( It is now August 2015! Hoping for a resolution shortly 2015-08-07
2691 0 10 10 0 Very nice working contacts but FOR FREE - the work remains unpaid. One payment is more than three months overdue, in spite of a number of assurances that the transfer is being ordered. 7/10/2012
1866 0 net 30 - YES, just a couple of insignificant delays (a week or so during summer/Christmas holidays) Payment received: yes (thousands euro). (Will work for again: ) This is a fantastic agency, very professional, very serious, perfect management and communication, helpful, lovely people...should I add more? 4/19/2011
1865 0 30 days - YES - always ahead of time Payment received: Always on time (a good bit). (Will work for again: yes, I still am) [Mod. note bonus points awarded for consistent early Payment over 2 years] 5/18/2006
1864 0 30 days EOM - YES Payment received: YES (Several thousand euros). (Will work for again: I still do) Very helpful, professional and easy to communicate with. You have two other departments in Bilbau and Victoria. The same characteristics apply to all the Project Managers. 3/1/2008

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