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1853 10 30 days end of month - no, couple of months Payment received: 2 installments received on time, then NOTHING (L75 ). (Will work for again: no) I had great difficulty getting paid. First I asked Alfred Rinaldi who I did the job for and he didn't return my e-mails at first and then claimed he had been away. Then he directed me to the accounts department of another branch of Publicis and I got a string of excuses: they never got my invoice, then it was received by the wrong department, change in their accounting system etc. I sent a letter recorded delivery demanding Payment and still nothing. In the end, I used the old trick (at least in England) to fax a fake form from the Small Claims Court and all of the sudden, they became quite cooperative although it still took a couple of phone calls to get paid. 4/25/2007 0:00

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