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2784 0 0 0 0 Seriously?? Because I have been waiting for THREE YEARS to get paid. Three long years. Even my lawyer had to send them a letter, but all I got was vague replies, and messages saying payments will be processed tomorrow, and more and more lies. They owe me $648. I am still waiting and still sending them messages, and there's no way this is going to stop until they pay me. 3/24/2012
2690 0 9 1 1 I have done some translation of medical documents for Pronuv Translations. My due date which they have committed was July 31st. I have not yet received the payment till today. Already 4 months over. I have not received any reply for my mails. When I tried to contact them through phone, first few times I got a reply like, will send the cheque through post, and it was not worked out and he told like he will send her office person to my home with cash. That also does not happend. And now i cannot contact him through phone also. It is switched off always. Please help me.. how can i get the payment from Mr.Susheel Kumar of Pronuv Translations? 6/11/2010
1848 0 30 days EOM - On time Payment received: Yes (less than US$ 100 in total). (Will work for again: Yes) 12/10/2007

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