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1843 10 Mine net 30, theirs net 45 - Yes Payment received: Yes (Several 1000 USD over the years). (Will work for again: I currently do.) Very professional PMs. Payment is made like clockwork. In all those years it was late once (because of some accounting transfer/offfice remodel) but the situation was resolved promptly. 8/26/2010
1842 0 30 days - NO - always at least 3 months, often had to be chased Payment received: Often several weeks late (thousands of DM and euros). (Will work for again: NEVER) There is more than one proverb office, i.e. Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Munich, Hamburg - Payments all come through Stuttgart, some of the employees at very charming and nice to work with, the company never checks any work sent in, rates are low, they are still offering rates they paid in 2002/2003. They do not like to answer questions. The situation finally became untenable due to low rates, slow Payments and the fact that few of their staff are in fact linguists. 1/16/2006
1841 4 40 days end of month - yes Payment received: YES - always ahead of time (several thousands of Euros over the years). (Will work for again: Yes, and I do regularly, as much as I can! ) I have a very good working relationship with these people and find them a pleasure to work with. [Mod. comment : Rated 4 because of the delays of Payment at the begining of the relationship] 12/7/2008
1840 10 30 days end of month with Payment on 15th of following month - Yes Payment received: Still unpaid (3000 euros). (Will work for again: I do) Good company to work for. 8/27/2007 0:00

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