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1836 10 30 days - No, still searching contact with Andrei, 1st invoice is 61 day overdue, 2nd is 17 days overdue. Payment received: No, Payment received on 10 April 2004 (USD2000). (Will work for again: definitely, no) We have encountered 1st bad payer about a year ago still they have handled the situation _professionally_. We have been able to postpone the Payment 30 days, then 60 days, and eventually about 120 days but they have paid in the end and answered communications. They have had some temporary problems with their end client and sometimes it is understandable. But Andrei Tchourakov is behaved like a 2nd _totally_ unprofessional type of bad payer. he continiously evades me - has not returned my calls, e-mails, and faxes for 2 months: first some man (friend?) replied that he sleeps and I asked (2 times) him to pass my message to Andrei inquiring the status of invoices, then I left numerous messages on regular autoresponder and autoresponder of cell phone (I guess I have spent some USD50 on phone calls), faxed and e-mailed Andrei, yesterday, by a lucky coincidence, Andrei has answered the phone in person, but after hearing my voice, disconnected and have switched to 3/2/2006

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