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1835 2 net 30 days - Occasionally on time, more often than not delayed by up to 4 weeks Payment received: yes (EUR 25,000). (Will work for again: No, but not due to Payment problems) PSD used to pay on time but this deteriorated over the years (a lot depended on the branch office one was doing the job for). My main gripe was not their Payment practices, though, but rather their rates. 6/7/2011
1834 0 not sure, i think around 30 - often not on time, until 1 month later Payment received: 2/3/2004 (10-200 Euro). (Will work for again: we do) I can??t remember working together with D??sseldorf, but some other parts of the Company (Berlin, Hannover, ...) It seems, that Schnelldienst (Fast Service) sometimes does not mean the speed of Payment, but at least there never were any problems to get the full amount. 1/26/2012
1833 2 30 Days net - Yes Payment received: Yes (hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes) Very professional people. Very cooperative also. I will work for them anytime 7/14/2008
1832 2 They were to be 30-days at end of month. - N/A. Payment received: On time (N/A). (Will work for again: Probably not.) They answered questions about the job itself, but always tentatively and only after a few messages prodding them for confirmation. I declined the contract after finding out that there would be no materials provided in advance, and that there would be less than a full day's work spread out over a day's time, instead of the original contract. To summarize, after being informed only yesterday that I would be needed for a mere 6 hours on day one and not at all on day 2 of a 5-day event, for which I had originally been booked (for the full five days) through another agency, I decided not to take this job. Based on the recommendations of folks on another list, this agency seems to be less than optimal payers, at best, and the way they handled this event before the fact didn't inspire much confidence either. 5/13/2012
1831 10 Net 30 days from invoice date - No, received October 5, 2005 Payment received: Final Payment was never received (USD 100.00). (Will work for again: No!) 7/27/2011

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