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1830 8 30 days net - yes Payment received: Always on time (100's). (Will work for again: Maybe Read below) Did some work for them years ago but then suddenly nothing. Received a call from them again to go and redo an interview. The few times I worked with them Payment was made within the time frame 6/29/2008
1829 8 60 days eom - yes Payment received: YES (thousands of euro ). (Will work for again: yes) very occasional late Payment due more to the laid back attitude of the book-keeper than lack of money or wilfufl neglect. PMs very nice - not always the most knowledgeable - 'is it for publication or information' 'why is there a difference?' for example. But nice helpful people. 9/8/2009
1828 10 30 days eom - 8 days, acceptable for me, however it took an additional 3 weeks in the post Payment received: Payment was never received. ($200). (Will work for again: yes) Hyuna was very pleasant to work with. 9/27/2007
1827 10 30 days - yes Payment received: on time ($300). (Will work for again: yes.) They gave me plenty of time to finish the assignment and I sent the invoice a month after I had finished the assignment. I still had to wait another month to receive my Payment. 7/28/2006
1826 10 30 days from invoice date - Yes Payment received: Yes (within 45 days). (a few hundred $ ). (Will work for again: yes) 5/11/2008
1825 10 net 30 - NO. Lateness varied, but the last time it took 180 days to receive Payment after endless reminders and threats. Payment received: NO, anything from a few days to several weeks late ($1,500 - $2,500). (Will work for again: NO) 12/11/2010
1824 10 45 days after invoice date - No, in fact, I still have not received Payment (almost 5 months from date of invoice) Payment received: n/a ($55.00). (Will work for again: Definitely not... ) and I want to warn other translators not to work for this agency. 2/8/2009

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