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1814 8 Within 21 days - Yes, earlier on my request. Payment received: Definitely (572 euros). (Will work for again: Without hesitation) St??phane is great. We agreed on cost and Payment terms before start of project. Good support, understanding. He has offered other projects but I was already caught up on assignments otherwise I would have said yes straight away. 7/17/2012
1813 6 30 days eom - on time Payment received: Definitely ($250). (Will work for again: Yes) 11/20/2007
1812 8 30 days - NO, not yet paid Payment received: No, 6 weeks late. (he total approximate amount involved was: 882170). (Will work for again: NEVER!! ) I have done other work for this agency and have almost always found them slow to pay, but now that I have done a big job for them they seem to be employing all possible delaying tactics. 20 [They did not respond] at first. Eventually responded by telling me the end customer had made a complaint. I have not been able to find the justification for this, besides which I was not made aware of it 20 until I started asking where the money was. I finally got the first respons e in October, 5 months after completing the work and sending the invoice. I have threatened legal action, but that does not seem to have phased them. [Hearsay info deleted] 20 2/21/2006

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