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work home translation jobs

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1811 10 30 days - yes Payment received: Yes (some 200 euros). (Will work for again: yes) 10/12/2006
1810 8 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes, with ocassional smalll delays (over 2,000 EUR ). (Will work for again: YES) Very good relationship & communication, nice contact persons 10/31/2006
1809 10 30 days - slight delays Payment received: no need (ca. 200 Euro). (Will work for again: yes) the only problem is they do not work with PayPal or Moneybookers, so one is obliged to wait until a certail amount (>100 euro) is accumulated. 5/5/2006
1808 10 within 30 days - Always on time Payment received: yes (ca.4,000 Euro). (Will work for again: Yes (currently working)) 7/19/2012
1807 10 30 days - on time Payment received: YES (many thousands of CZK). (Will work for again: yes, definitely, I work for them regularly ) I get paid by domestic wire transfer, so I can't say anything about their internatinal Payments. Don't expect PayPal though, because this service doesn't operate in the Czech Republic. 4/8/2006

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