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1806 0 30 days net. - Mostly no. But one remainder used to do it. Payment received: YES, very prompt except for deduction of EUR 25 for bank fees (At least 20 000 EUR, maybe more. ). (Will work for again: Yes- when they will pay outstanding invoices in full ) Very friendly, professional and good people, but their Payment practices have deteriorated. Eventually they always pay, but apparently they have cash flow problems this year. At the end of this May they finally paid our January invoice (more than 2000 EUR), they paid it in several installments, but they still owe us about 2000 EUR from March. I'm not worried, as I'm sure they eventually will pay, however we are not taking any more jobs from them now until this Payment will be settled. OTOH, their rates are good, so if you're not in dire need and can do with long waiting for money, I can even recommend them :) 7/29/2008

More at Payment Practices and here.