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1805 10 30 days - In the beginning, there were never problems with Payments, but then Payments started 'not arriving' until you reminded them a couple of times. Payment received: yes (Thousands of Euros total). (Will work for again: Yes, I think I would, since the DO pay in the end! ) [Mod. note: Rating assumes an average late Payment of 30 days based on a couple of reminders.] I have worked for Premium Transllation Agency (Anne Krigolson) for quite some time, and I rather like them. Only problem is that they are not too professional about Payments (and sometimes other stuff). In the end (after working for them approx. 2 years) I put a charge on late Payments, because I got annoyed about the fact that apparently I had to spend time EACH TIME reminding them of invoices overdue, and I really don't have time for that. I wish everyone happy transllation with this company, as they are NOT BAD PAYERS!!! They are just slow payers :o) 12/30/2005

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