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2687 0 0 0 0 We did two small jobs from this company in July, 2009 and still no payment from them. The amount is just about 100EUR, but we need to warn other agencies and free-lancers about their dishonesty. They do not answer our enquires and for some strange reasons cannot pay not via bank, not via Moneybookears. Please, keep your eyes open working with them. 7/14/2012
1800 10 45 days EOM - Usually late, ranging from a few days to nearly a month Payment received: Much earlier (approximately 5,700 euros ). (Will work for again: NO) This agency pays poorly and late, and shows little respect to transllation professionals. They've been bombarding me with requests to do jobs for them recently, and I've been happy to tell them I was not available. 2/18/2009
1799 10 60 days - YES Payment received: Yes (over 12,000 euros). (Will work for again: Probably not) We had built up a fluent business relationship for a few years, but strangely enough, they stopped calling me for jobs without a reason (can't figure out yet). In my opinion, they are clearly customer focused and barely care about freelancers. Payment is OK, though. 6/18/2009

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