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2836 0 not rating 0 0 I worked for Pearl Linguistics on a number of interpreting jobs. Their terms and conditions says \\\"Payments for services provided on behalf of Pearl Linguistics will be made by bank transfer against interpreter''''''''s invoice at the end of the month following in which your invoice is dated.\\\" However I have not received any payment promptly since I began working for them. Each time I have to chase payment from them, in the worst case I was finally paid after 6 months! Their payment phone number is always engaged without reply. The main switchboard is answered quickly however they could only \\\"pass on the message\\\" to the payment department, but normally doesn''''''''t really work. I received hardly any email reply from them. Overall getting paid from them is a real pain! I would hesitate to work for them again. 2012-11-09
1787 10 net 30 - No, see comments Payment received: YES (USD 230). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of information] I worked with Giovanna Romani. Payment was made based on their Payment terms but not mine. But we worked it out. Rates tend to be low for my tastes but are in line with the Italian market. If they could pay my normal rates, I'd be happy to work with them again even with terms of net 60. 12/3/2010

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