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1786 10 Net 30 - No Payment as of Jan.23,'06. Payment received: Yes (62.00USD). (Will work for again: No) [Moderator's note: Additional contact and other info included below] This agency is known as Phylos I.P.E or Phylotrans Transllations, and it is run by Ian Cairncross. I did one small job for him in Nov. 2005 and issued an invoice right after I completed the job. No Payment arrived after a month and no explanation. I then sent him some e-mails as a reminder. Some were igonored and some were replied with a brief message saying he is hoping Payment from client will be in this week, or Payment to be made Friday this week, but no money has arrived. I'll keep writing him until I see the money, and I don't recommend this agency to anybody. [Info found at Ian Cairncross, B.A., C. T., Phylos I.P.E / Phylotrans Transllations 34 rue de Longueuil #4 Cantley, Quebec, J8V 2T8, Canada Tel: (819) 827-8233 Fax: (819) 827-3919 email: / Cairncross runs two interrelated businesses from his Cant 11/6/2010
1785 10 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: YES (around US$ 2,000). (Will work for again: I still do) Their rates are at the low side. 6/29/2007
1784 10 30 days - on time Payment received: Received early ($500). (Will work for again: yes, I wold work for them again) 4/4/2006
1783 10 30 days eom - always on time Payment received: Yes (around $3000 to date). (Will work for again: Of course ) I only started working for Peritus 2 months ago. However, the experience has been entirely professional and Payment was always early. 10/6/2007
1782 10 Net 30 - Yes Payment received: no, up to several months (few hundred USD on average). (Will work for again: Yes) To be perfectly honest (and as the list owner I should be held to higher standards), my last invoice did seem to fall through a crack. Dagmar (the owner) was on vacation and apparently my invoice did not get printed and included in the A/P run. One email solved the problem and I am 100% sure I will be paid on the next run. Since I am willing to forgive this one instance, I am giving Peritus the full 5 rating. 2/24/2011
1781 10 I believe it's 45 days. - Always on time Payment received: No, a week late (Several thousand dollars total). (Will work for again: Yes, absolutely) They are a very professional, friendly, well-run agency and it's always a pleasure to work for them. 5/10/2010
1780 10 30 days net - YES Payment received: YES or a couple days late. (1000's). (Will work for again: Still am) So far never had a problem concerning Payment with them. Always interesting projects and they have a decent turnaround time 7/16/2008

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