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1767 10 I do not remember - last invoice from june 1999 finally paid in november 1999 Payment received: No Payment as of yet (30 days past due) (). (Will work for again: No) [Not rated due to age of information and lack of Payment terms] The last job I did for them was a very urgent sworn transllation to be delivered the same day. They still had to find a way how they would receive the finished transllation (courier, taxi-post ...) and therefore call me back. They did not. When I called them, Paul Janssens himself answered the telephone and told me that he just had thrown out all his staff that afternoon... Everything was very desorganized. I do not remember how I finally delivered the transllation. But I had to threaten them to get paid. They paid in november. I was asked several times again by the new staff members but I told them to delete my record definitely from their list. Since then I did not work for them anymore. 5/26/2010

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