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1766 5 30 days EOM - see below Payment received: on time (65 EUR). (Will work for again: Yes) I agreed with the agency to accumulate amounts up to at least 100 EUR to save transfer fees, but when there arrived no more jobs after August 2003 and I asked for Payment (aproximately) in October 2003, the money arrived without further delay. 12/19/2007
1765 6 Payment in advance within 8 days of receipt of invoice - NO, not yet received Payment received: No, received December 1 (10 euros). (Will work for again: Would you work for this individual again?: No) [Mod. note: Unsure if this even belongs in PP as no services were rendered/lost, nor does it appear to be for transllation work. Not rated] On 26 Feb 2006, Mr. Pfeiffer bought an article from me (value: 10 euros), which was billed on the same day and supposed to be paid beforehand within 8 days via EFT. So far, the invoice amount has not yet been credited to my account (despite a reminder), and there has been no reaction at all to my mails. As things currently stand, I don't expect him to finally pay. Fortunately, the terms and conditions stated delivery upon receipt of Payment, so that the whole matter is annoying, but has not resulted in a loss of goods/money. Nevertheless, I would like to warn you all about him, and I strongly recommend not to do business with this person without Payment in advance 2/15/2012
1764 10 90 days end of month - Yes Payment received: yes, always (100,000 Euros). (Will work for again: Yes ) Nice and professional team 10/29/2009

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