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1741 0 60 days - Yes Payment received: Timely except one $35 charge in Feb. 2003 (two weeks late) (786 euros). (Will work for again: definitely.) 6/14/2009
1740 10 60 days end of month - YES Payment received: No, Payment was finally received on April 3, after I sent an email reminder. (Thousands of francs & euros). (Will work for again: All the time!) They ask for a monthly invoice to be sent on the last day of the month for all the jobs you do that month. Probably because they then don't receive the invoice until the following month, we find that they normally pay 3 months later, i.e. an invoice issued on 31 March 2004 was paid on 25 June 2004. But they are regular in Payment and a good company to work for. 8/5/2009
1739 10 end of month following invoice date - NO NEVER. In once received a Payment one year later. Payment received: due January 5, 2006, received January 30 (They still owe me $ 500 US (09-12-2002)). (Will work for again: NEVER) 3/6/2010
1738 10 30 days net - No, still not received as of Sept. 13, 2005 (one month late) Payment received: see comments ($100). (Will work for again: Probably) The project manager seemed a little annoyed about my inquiry but forwarded it to accounting. An accounting person at first claimed she never saw my original invoice but in a subsequent e-mail said she found it. This was probably an internal problem and not a deliberate delay. I am still waiting to receive their check. 6/14/2008

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