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183 10 Immediate (see comments) - YES Payment received: on time (Over $3000). (Will work for again: still do) Stanka is a very responsive person. As for Payment terms Payment and it is made within days if not the same day. Great person to work for. 7/2/2010
182 10 14 days - Not yet. Payment received: YES (The total amount is approximately 200 CAD. ). (Will work for again: Definitely not.) After a month and several reminders I received two checks including one that was not signed. The checks were rejected by the bank since Paula wrote on one of them her name as: Paola Lorenzini (the signed one) and Paula Lorenzini on the second one (not singed). I made for the agency one overnight rush project (of 500 CAD value). Unfortunately Paula send me an information that an hour before deadline client resigned. She refused to pay all the amount, although she knew that I accepted that job for such a small price only because she was in need (according to her the previous translator did not send her the transllation). Finally after several reminders she started to write to ProZ job moderators as she felt offended. I explained the whole situtation to moderators and she decided to pay 200 CAD. She complaint that she has problems with viewing my pdf invoice so I send her another one in HTML form. Still she had problems and started to ask me whether I was sending her viruse 7/18/2005
181 10 a month - No, about half a year Payment received: Yes,always (about $ 30). (Will work for again: No) I believe in Paulas good intentions, besides she has invested in ProZ Platinium membership and other peoples experience with her, judguing from ProZ Blue Board, is much better. But we did a small overnight rush job and then had to chase her half a year. All kinds of excuses- cheque came back because of wrong postal address, every other week all her computers are down with viruses, then she is unable to log in to Moneybookers, and so on and so on... At last the cheque came. But I can say I believe all her excuses- she's very disorganised and her computer knowledge is such that she doesn't know how to unrelease Caps lock, all her email's were in CAPS :) 11/4/2009 0:00

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