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1728 0 not sure - see comment Payment received: No (a few thousand euros ). (Will work for again: I still work for them) I consider them a good client, they are efficient and technologically savvy. As far as Payments are concerned, in order to minimize bank costs I collect my invoices and send them in one go. I think Payment is after 60 days. I have no problem with this period because I know that once I get to do my part of invoicing I will get paid. Other translators should check with them first. This is my personal practice and what works for me might not work for others. 1/14/2012
1727 0 30 days after invoice - NO Payment received: NOT AT ALL (Thousands of euros). (Will work for again: NEVER) I received only about 1/3 of the amount. No explanations, no excuses. In December, after many reminders, they promised to pay in January. However, in January, again after reminders, they said they were still unable to pay and sent me a fax with the proposed schedule of Payments sealed and signed by Managing Director Udo Lambert. The term of the first partial Payment expired more than three weeks ago, and nothing arrived. 2/6/2007
1726 0 even shorter than 30 days - YES Payment received: No (150 euros). (Will work for again: Yes, of course) Andreas and Rachel are very good PMs. They make you feel you are a valuable resource for them and hold you in high regard. I would definitely work for them should the need arise. 4/4/2010
1725 0 30 days - Yes Payment received: YES (150 euro). (Will work for again: definitely) Dr. Ernst is very nice and professional 8/29/2006
1724 2 Net 30 days - On time Payment received: Yes (USD240). (Will work for again: Yes) My contact was Nicholas Panagopoulos, and they had a different address at that time: 118-1/2 West Main Street Rockton, IL 61072 6/13/2011

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