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1701 0 their Payment terms are within two weeks. - Yes Payment received: Yes (^2,500 ). (Will work for again: Yes) Ryan was a pleasure to work with, he paid me before his client paid (as as I understand) and his rates were very fair. I would work with him again anytime. 4/20/2012
1700 0 net 30 days or by arrangement - YES - he has never been late Payment received: YES (over EURO 10,000.00 ). (Will work for again: I haven't stopped working for him :)) I have known Ryan for almost 2 years now. We have worked together in projects other than those through his agency and he is totally honest and hard working and does his best to help his colleagues. 7/28/2011
1699 0 net 30 days - YES Payment received: yes (approx. 500 total). (Will work for again: Yes) I have done numerous small jobs for which I have sent monthly collective invoices. They even reminded me of a job I forgot to charge for. oneword people, esp. Andrea, are very professional and nice to work with. 7/13/2011
1698 0 30 days - NO, about 35 days late Payment received: YES, most of the time even within in couple of days (a few hundred ). (Will work for again: no) [Mod. note: Rating based on unilateral reduction of amount due, otherwise would be a 3] I worked as an interpreter for them on 2 occasions, never again, they promised a certain amount and then paid less then was agreed for no good reason. [Payment was received a]bout 65 days after I did the interpreting job, after a few calls, reminders etc. 1/31/2006
1697 0 30 days - No, late by about 7 days. Payment received: YES, always ($450). (Will work for again: Yes) I worked with a different project manager who was very helpful, pleasant and communicated frequently. One phone call was all I needed to make and the check was sent. 2/13/2006

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