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1695 4 Invoice plus 30 days. - No Payment received: Yes (approx. USD 500.00 ). (Will work for again: yes) I have done five jobs for One Planet. The jobs were properly managed, but Payments seemed to slip between the cracks. Payments arrived between several weeks and three months late, the most recent Payment arrived on time I probably should have been more insistent about overdue bills, but the amounts that were paid late were rather small. This is a local agency, and the partner with whom I've had most dealings is a graduate of our university here in Indiana, PA, so, somehow, Payments arriving late tended to feel like students handing in assignments late: neither is acceptable, and I expect the individuals concerned to take responsibility for their actions. Payment issues seem to have been ironed out, now: the most recent Payment arrived on time. And I do enjoy the idea of working for someone local for a change! 7/22/2010
1694 10 45 days receipt of invoice - Yes Payment received: Yes and no. Once it was two months late, otherwise on time (about US$ 3,000). (Will work for again: Still do) Their terms are 45 days, which is a bit longer than the typical 30 days but Payment is always on time. Clark and Chris are very professional on all levels. The company seems to be a bit new, but they're doing things right. 3/12/2009
1693 10 45 days from date of invoice - YES Payment received: usually on time (not more than a few days late) (89$). (Will work for again: Maybe (see comment)) The only inconvenience for non-US translators is the Payment method: by cheque. Unless the amount is high enough (several hundreds) the bank fees are too expensive to make it worth it. But Chris Kashak seems very professional and efficient. He answers all queries quickly. 3/2/2009
1692 10 10 to 20 business days. - : NO. PAYMENT NOT RECEIVED TO DATE. Payment received: Yes ($175). (Will work for again: NO.) The agency's address was somewhat different: Stephanie Dudzic Senior Writer & Marketing Consultant ONADEL Marketing Communications, Inc. 170114 Beach Boulevard, Suite 800 Huntington Beach, California 92647 714.465.3395 (voice) 714.375.6699 (fax) On 2005.11.07, upon repeated inquiries, Stephanie Dudzic informed me of having moved to a new location, without specifying it. After that she has been silent until now. 7/12/2005
1691 4 30 days - NO Payment received: Yes (+/- 300 usd). (Will work for again: No) 1/20/2006
1690 9 30 - NO, still waiting Payment received: Always on time (80 Euros). (Will work for again: No, never) they are non-payers [Hearsay info deleted] 9/9/2005
1689 10 net 30 days - not yet though 2 reminders! Payment received: Always on time (86euros). (Will work for again: NO.) there was at the time of negociation a problem with the currency. Stephanie Dudzic said she could not include the euro in her PO, so I had to accept a PO with the euro amount but followed by the USD sign. It had started strangely already. 6/6/2011
1688 10 30 - NO Payment received: No, it was a few weeks late. There was some delay because I was not entered into their vendor system and then the holidays came around. Payment was a few weeks late. (USD 174). (Will work for again: NEVER) Emails are returned undelivered. The website given in her Proz profile now indicates and address in Portugal (Onadel Marketing Communications by Abakus Apartado 3028 3001-401 Coimbra, Portugal) and the email address is 9/8/2005

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