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1678 10 30 days - yes Payment received: usually 1-2 days, occasionally 30 days late (thousands of L ). (Will work for again: I work for them regularly) Kevin and Mike are very nice to work for and the jobs I get are usually interesting 8/18/2006
1677 10 60 days upon invoice receipt - NO, Dec-02 Payment received: 8 months (still not paid) (?? 500 (exceptionally favourable first-job rate)). (Will work for again: not for the life of me) Despite my request for a regular bank transfer, Ms. Arrieta finally sent a cheque after weeks of my reminding and hounding her and her buddy, who behaved even more saucy. 9/26/2009
1676 10 60 days from end of month - No. Sometimes two or three months late. Payment received: YES (800 euros). (Will work for again: No.) I have always been paid by the agency, but it has taken so much effort in badgering them to get the money that I've decided they are not worth working for. 9/17/2009

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