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1654 0 4 to 8 weeks after invoice date - YES (7 July) Payment received: YES (137 EUR). (Will work for again: Yes) Jessica Dobbelaere is a very friendly person, it was nice to work for her. 12/4/2008
1653 10 Don't remember - Payment received: always on time (thousands of EURos). (Will work for again: anytime :)) [Mod. note: not rated due to lack of info on Payment terms or if Payment was received on time or not] 2/3/2010
1652 0 30 days - Yes Payment received: Yes (thousands of Euros). (Will work for again: anytime :)) Payment terms was about one was month (maybe from end of the month), and was observed, besides the jobs were difficult, but interesting. The support provided was excellent. I would give them mark 6 :) BTW, I think they are not an Agency, but the end client. 10/14/2006
1651 0 45 days - Yes Payment received: YES ($450). (Will work for again: Yes) Tom gave clear instructions, and NewType paid promptly. 1/16/2009
1650 0 30 days end of month (my terms) - Payment received: YES n/a (see below). (Will work for again: NO) I accepted a job from these people who assured me they were at the New York address above and demanded that I translate the material for close of business. I had no sooner started working on the job than I received no fewer than four phone calls from them asking when I would be finished! It was obvious to me then, and was subsequently, that they are not in New York at all, but in Madrid, and they had meant close of business European time which is six hours earlier! They did not want to disclose to me that the New York address is an accommodation address only. In view of that fact, and their whole attitude which was highly suspicious, I informed them that I would not deliver the job. 8/5/2007
1649 6 30 days EOM - NEVER RECEIVED Payment received: YES (US$ 100 (approx)). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!!) I did a very urgent and very difficult hi-tech job for them (for next day, full of marketing jargon AND very esoteric software stuff). I spent time and money finding subject specialists to check the terminology. New-Global came back later, claiming their client 'had to do the whole thing from the start', because mine was 'no good'. They refused to pay me one cent. [Mod. Note: further personal comments omitted according to the PP rules] 10/27/2007
1648 6 30 days EOM - NEVER received Payment! Payment received: yes (ca. $120). (Will work for again: Not on your life. Never!!!) I did a very urgent and extremely technical job for them at a moment's notice (well, overnight), involving both cutting-edge hi-tech and glitzy marketing-speak. When I chased Payment, they claimed that the client had claimed that they needed to have it redone by someone else, because my transllation was 'no good' (Note: I had consulted several very knowledgeable subject-specialists at my own expense before turning it in, to make 100% sure the terminology was correct, and I reject this argument totally). They refused to pay me a single penny. Completely unprofessional approach, and they should not be working in this industry. 10/28/2007
1647 9 Net 30 after generating an invoice on the New-Global automated system - YES (always) Payment received: Yes. In five minutes (via PayPal) ($1,000). (Will work for again: Definitely.) Extremely professional agency and pleasant assignments. 5/7/2011
1646 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: ca. 30 days late (mostly minimum charge jobs, one about US$150). (Will work for again: yes. ) I think they have my language combos done in-house normally. 2/8/2011

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