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1645 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: on time (a few hundred pounds sterling). (Will work for again: Yes) they maintain a sterling account which is very convenient for paying us Brits. 7/31/2006
1644 10 30 eom - Never paid Payment received: No, received on October 12, 2006 ($100). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!!) They were a couple of blocks away but same name, so must be the same people. I did a very urgent, very technical job overnight as a favour to them, checked the terminology with subject specialists, and then they came back and claimed 'the client wasn't happy' and 'refused to pay', so they refused to pay me as well. Not a penny. Despite several requests, they flatly declined to give me concrete examples of any alleged 'errors'. One of the most extreme cases of an agency mistreating a translator I have ever come across during several decades in the business. 9/15/2008

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