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1617 8 Payment terms were 30 days - NO, It's still late a month Payment received: yes (USD $250.00 altogether). (Will work for again: I don't think so) [Mod. note: Final response is required when Payment is actually received] I have worked with Steffen Doring from the company, he's very nice and helpful but it seems that Angela is really the one who can get on Gary to make things happen. 2/25/2012
1616 8 net 30 - No, 3 1/2 months Payment received: Yes (88 Euros). (Will work for again: Never) I worked twice with this agency and both invoices were several months late. I probably spent more money on phone calls and faxes chasing up Payment than I actually earned...I cannot decide whether they deliberately paid late or are just hopelessly disorganised... 11/13/2010

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