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1604 10 I believe 30 days net, but cannot verify from my records. - No. Payment for 1st invoice was received 15 November 2004. Payment received: YES (US $1,100 (first invoice above)). (Will work for again: yes, I just did (inv. 15 March 2005)) When I wrote to inquire about Payment on the first invoice mentioned above, I received a swift reply from a new controller, who said she had joined the company just a few days previously. I think there may have been a bit of confusion in the handover. Coincidentally, the check arrived the same morning I wrote my email, so technically I didn't have to send a reminder... 5/5/2010
1603 10 Mine were my std 30 days eom (see below). - yes Payment received: Yes, the first invoice on time, the second was paid together with the first, so Payment was even some weeks earlier! (GBP 30). (Will work for again: Probably) Oddly enough, the cheque for the only job I ever did for them arrived today, technically well ahead of time (but it was 4 weeks after invoicing, and maybe their terms are 30 days net). It was a min. charge job, and they pressed me hard for a discount - which seemed a little unnecessary given the small amount. 8/28/2010
1602 10 30 days EOM - YES Payment received: NO, already 1 year late (Several hundred usd). (Will work for again: Certainly) My connection is Shane - very nice and pleasant to work with 1/26/2008

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