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1591 10 net 45 - Yes Payment received: Yes ($500). (Will work for again: Yes ) I negotiated terms with the project manager, Amy Kwasnicki, who agreed to an invoice based on target word count, including minimal comments as necessary (it was a back transllation). She was very responsive to my questions about the assignment. After delivery, I received an e-mail with questions from Myriam Siftar with feedback about the transllation (very much appreciated), some questions about my transllation choices (also not a problem), and a request to revise my invoice to exclude my comments or to convert my invoice to be based on the source word count. Once I explained the terms agreed upon prior to the issuing of the PO, Myriam accepted the invoice amount and I was paid within 45 days. Make sure the terms were clearly stated in writing. 9/4/2011

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