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1579 8 30 days eom - on time Payment received: yes, often early (GBP 100 ). (Will work for again: yes) Only a few small jobs, but seemed professional. No problems. 12/13/2007
1578 10 30 days (I think) - No. No Payment received without a reminder. Last invoice dated July 2004 was paid in January 2005 Payment received: Never received (around 1,000 euros total ). (Will work for again: No) Not unpleasant contact, but they seem highly disorganised (have overpaid once, though still late, and recently called to ask why a cheque hadn't been cashed when I had indeed deposited it in my account 4 months ago, also issues concerning how they organise the actual work - asking me to do the wordcount for a web site transllation, for example). 1/4/2007
1577 10 60 days - yes Payment received: always on time (several thousands euros). (Will work for again: yes) very nice and friendly people 6/8/2009
1576 10 60 days EOM - Payment usually received 5-8 days late Payment received: Not received yet. (approx. 3500 euros). (Will work for again: No) Rates were low, and when Payment topped 90 days from date of invoice (my last invoice was dated April 12, 2003 and check was received on July 14, 2003), I decided to stop accepting any more work from them. 9/5/2009

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