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1565 10 used to be 60 days eom + 9 working days, but on 12 September I received a circular saying that - NO still waiting Payment received: No (over 980 Euro). (Will work for again: Absolutely NOT) The amount covers 4 invoice for 6 jobs dating back to May 2005. The story is a bit long, at the moment I have an attorney initiating a legal action. I'll try to be short. Michela De Julio contacted me for jobs in May, but I refused the first couple then I gave in. Did over 6 jobs from May to July 31. Throughout all this I kept asking for Payment, at one point (about mid June) I refused to do any others, and which I did , unless she paid 4 already outstanding invoices. She paid 2 very small ones to appease me. But she resumed in burying with jobs and some of which I turned down for I was very busy. The 4 invoices with 6 transllation/Review jobs not paid for and for which I have sent several reminders/requests, before, on August 23 and October 5, without any action by the agency. Some of these invoices date back to the end of May beginning of June 2005 and for which, in July, I had asked for Payments and for which Payment was promised. At the end of August 2005, after Mrs D 6/6/2012
1564 10 An invoice sent between end of Dec and Jan 10th is paid 2nd week of February - Yes Payment received: Yes (USD 2000-3000 ). (Will work for again: still working) perfect agency 11/29/2009
1563 10 30 days - yes Payment received: yes (GBP800). (Will work for again: yes) 9/27/2006
1562 10 30 days ( but see comments) - YES Payment received: ($225). (Will work for again: YES) Good support from PM, a bit complicated Payment procedure - they collect all your invoices for the month and send you on the 5th of each month to verify, they pay by bank transfer on the 5th of the following month (So for job done in September you get paid early November, so it may take up to 60 days if you did something for them at the beginning of the month. One more drawback - they deduct banking fees from your fee.) 12/27/2006
1561 10 45 days after invoice date, if I remember well - yes Payment received: NO, between 6 weeks and 2 months late (840 pounds). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info.] They were nice to deal with and paid on time. I think there's been a change of management since the original boss died. I haven't heard from them for years. 2/11/2009
1560 10 not specified - yes Payment received: YES (840 pounds). (Will work for again: yes) 12/14/2011
1559 10 net 30 - No, it is already four weeks late Payment received: Always on time. (2,623.58 $). (Will work for again: Definitely NO.) Jan R. Eisen told me two weeks ago that his client had not paid him yet. Now two weeks later, he is not even answering my emails. I have gone to the extent of reducing my rates in this particular case and now I can't even be paid. If he can do this to me, he can do it to anyone else. 11/25/2010

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