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1558 2 net 30 - YES, on time Payment received: Yes (Several thousand $$ ). (Will work for again: Still do) Jan Eisen was formerly the local manager for Star Transllations (an affiliate of Star Transit). He has good business ethics and is a nice man. 4/24/2011
1557 8 30 days from delivery or defined before the translator accepts the job - Yes Payment received: YES, every time (1000 dollars). (Will work for again: Definetly) Although their fees are extremelly low, they pay right on least here in Brazil i never had a problem with them 4/25/2008
1556 9 Usually 30 to 40 days - Always received on time Payment received: Yes, always (several smaller jobs, probably around 1000 dollars ). (Will work for again: Anytime. ) Michael Eliff is a very professional agency owner and just an all-around wonderful guy. One of the best agencies I work for. 6/12/2012

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