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1555 4 Don't remember - yes Payment received: yes, always (many small invoices ). (Will work for again: Of course) Vladimir is one of the best out there. 2/13/2010
1554 10 60 days EOM, on day - yes Payment received: NEVER (more than 10,000 $ in three years). (Will work for again: I still do) Vladimir is a very helpful and professional PM. Prompt payer. 9/12/2009
1553 10 30 days net - YES Payment received: NEVER (hundreds of USD ). (Will work for again: YES) Vladimir Dorofeev is very helpful and promptly answers any queries. BTW, his name is DOROFEEV, not DOOFEV as mentioned in Barbara's query. 6/30/2008
1552 10 not sure - YES, always on time Payment received: No, always about a month or more late. (several thousand USDs). (Will work for again: Yes (I currently am)) Vladimir is very helpful and professional. 1/19/2012

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