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1551 10 30 days end of month (ours) - Yes. Payment received: on time or early ($200 US). (Will work for again: Certainly) Performance older than three years is not reported here because I don't believe it is reflective of current behavior. No inference should be drawn either way regarding that old behavior. 8/17/2007
1550 10 A month - Always received on time Payment received: on time or early (Maybe more than 1000 EUR in total). (Will work for again: Anytime) Go for it! Vladimir is very professional, nice, helpful and trustworthy person. 11/4/2009
1549 10 90 days - YES Payment received: Early -50. (Will work for again: I am currently doing a 25.000 word doc for him ... ) Sometimes lots of small add-ons, but this is not his fault, it is his client who keeps on changing the originals. Consolidated monthly invoicing. He is just perfect with PO's. 10/24/2009

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