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1548 2 30 days. - About 10 months late. Payment received: 01 November 2005 [10 days late] (One invoice for GBP 30. ). (Will work for again: With Payment upfront, yes.) As the amount involved was very small I was not very aggressive in recovering the debt. 8/27/2008
1547 8 net 30 - They usually send in 45 days. Payment received: 22 days late ($300). (Will work for again: Yes) 1/17/2011
1546 0 net 30 - Merrill Payments usually arrive in about 40-45 days. Very consistent. I would call that on time, though slightly different from my invoice Payment received: YES ($1,000). (Will work for again: Yes and I do.) *Merrill is a large, reputable agency. I think it recently merged with Brink International. Though I infrequently work for the London office, I have worked for the New York office and the new US office (I think in Chicago). Payments for all to US translators come out of New York. I would assume that they would have local disbursement in the UK also. That seems to be the policy. They have always been good to work for both in New York (now moved with the merger) and in London. 10/31/2010

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