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169 45 8 30 days - No, last invoice was never paid. Payment received: Quite a few weeks late - had to chase them (around 600 $). (Will work for again: Never) Tries to pay translators via Western Union at the translator's expenses. 2/12/2006
168 30 10 Not sure - A few months later Payment received: 5-Sep (several hundred $CAN ). (Will work for again: Not sure) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of Payment terms/late Payment] After several reminders, they finally told me that they had problems in 2004 but they finally paid me everything. The PMs are very nice to work with, but their financial problems are a negative point... 1/9/2012
167 30 10 yes they pay promptly (less than 30) - It was early Payment received: Always on schedule, sometimes before schedule. (the amounts were very small). (Will work for again: Certainly.) They are courteous professionals 8/5/2012
166 30 10 60 days, end of >month (I think) - Yes Payment received: Always on time (several thousands euros). (Will work for again: I do) Very nice people to work with. 10/2/2009
165 25 10 30 days after receipt of the invoice - yes Payment received: No, it's 30 days late (see comments). (about 550 Euro). (Will work for again: yes) Ph. Guyot was very nice and available when needed 3/9/2007
164 30 10 30 days, and I believe their contract says that if they are late, you can charge them interest. They've NEVER been late. - Always. Payment received: Not paid yet. Most probably never. (Around $3000). (Will work for again: Still do.) Though I usually work with Rosana, I've also worked with Jed, and he's a real nice guy. This is a solid, solid agency. Go for it. 8/12/2008
163 50 10 30 days from invoice - yes, more or less Payment received: 2 weeks late -400. (Will work for again: No) [Mod. note: Assumed more or less means not more than 10 days late.] Before working with them you have to sign an agreement (as with many others). The problem is that they include a clause by which they can retain Payments if the quality of your transllation does not meet their standards. But, who defines those standards? That happened to me one month ago. They asked me to review a text twice. I finally gave up and told them to send it to a proofreader, as I didn't have more time to do it time after time. Finally, I persuaded them to deduct the proofreader's invoice from mine, and so, I got paid for half of it. They sent me the final version, and was suspiciously similar to mine... I advise you to be careful with them. By the way, their rates are quite low... 5/4/2008
162 60 6 15 days following month of submission of work I think - On time Payment received: Sometimes negligibly late (700 euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) It was a very nice, and very polite communication but their client Hermes Tokyo was over fussy so feedback and changes went on for months. Yurika was lovely. 8/7/2005
161 30 10 end of month following month of submission of work - On time Payment received: No. They never paid me. (200-400GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes) I have also worked for their Germany branch, very nice, professional people in my experience. 3/14/2010

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