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1536 10 Please see comments - See comments Payment received: Yes completely on time (See comments). (Will work for again: See comments) [Mod. note: Agency name corrected in subject line] [Deleted reference to incorrect agency] I had a job from Corey Cosgrove in January 2004. At the time the agency was Mercury Solution UK, Nephi House, 23 Union Street, Maidstone, Kent,tel: 01622 750098, Fax: 01622 750018. I was never paid for my work, nobody answered my e-mails, and nobody ever answered the phone. On looking into it I found out that Corey Cosgrove had been involved in an agency called Mercury Solutions UK, which had gone bankrupt, and then had gone to form Mercury Solution UK. I understand that this agency has simply disappeared. I would stay away or ask for upfront Payments. 3/3/2012
1535 10 My terms are 30 days end of month - Yes, early!! Payment received: YES (USD 350.). (Will work for again: Yes.) They paid a slew of little jobs that they rained on me during a month's time all together, the last one in only 3 days. Since I was going away on vacation and had received what looked like a form letter whenever a job was turned in saying that my invoice had been received and would be processed immediately without actually receiving any Payment, I called and asked when I should be expecting Payment on the four invoices. They said it would be cut on Friday last, and it was. Communication is sometimes a challenge, since a machine always answers, but they are responsive and seem to be quick payers. 9/4/2010
1534 10 30 days - yes Payment received: YES (1900 Eur ). (Will work for again: definitely) very professional & good communication 8/30/2006
1533 10 30 days to end of month - YES Payment received: yes (Many thousands ). (Will work for again: Still do) Meinrad is probably my biggest agency client. The team is professional and a pleasure to work with. No need for the slightest hesitation. In four years of working together there have never been any problems. One of those agencies where people say If only they were all like this. 8/8/2008

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