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1514 8 Please see comments - See comments Payment received: YES (See comments). (Will work for again: See comments) I don't know about Markey and Associates but I had a job from Corey Cosgrove in January 2004. At the time the agency was Mercury Solution UK, Nephi House, 23 Union Street, Maidstone, Kent,tel: 01622 750098, Fax: 01622 750018. I was never paid for my work, nobody answered my e-mails, and nobody ever answered the phone. On looking into it I found out that Corey Cosgrove had been involved in an agency called Mercury Solutions UK, which had gone bankrupt, and then had gone to form Mercury Solution UK. I understand that this agency has simply disappeared. I would stay away or ask for upfront Payments. 3/2/2012
1513 10 30 days after invoice - Yes, exactly on time Payment received: Never paid (About 500 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) 2/15/2007
1512 10 never specified but around 30 days - yes, I guess always within 30 days Payment received: No, see comments (cant' remember). (Will work for again: yes, for sure) one of the best agencies I work with, I surely recommend them, both Margit and Claudia are also very helpful if you need assistance. Excellent, really. 10/21/2011
1511 0 end of month + 10 - YES Payment received: No (No idea, lots and lots ). (Will work for again: I still do , with pleasure) I used to do transllations for them, then I was called in for on site checking of transllations. And now I am local projet manager. I manage the transllation and validation of Quality of Life questionnaires. Mapi does not make these but clients have the translated and validated by Mapi. Rarely I do transllation jobs. It is big business, lots of people working there. I have been there several times and are always delighted by their reception. 2/28/2010
1510 10 end of month + 10 - YES Payment received: NO, late by 1 to 3 months (lots of money ). (Will work for again: YES) I don't know Estelle Salin, they have many project managers. but Mapi is not a transllation agency, but they make (medical) questionnaires and have them translated and revised. always nice contact and if possible, they warn you in advance that some job is coming up so that you can plan your work. 3/1/2010
1509 10 about 30 days (see below) - Mostly on time with slight delays Payment received: Yes. (some thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Yes) They are sometimes a little slow in paying but perfectly reliable. Some months ago they introduced a new Payment system with collective invoices to be issued on the 20th of a month with Payment at the beginning of the following month. However, they seem to check whether your jobs were rather in the beginning or at the end of the month and then pay sooner or later during the next month. 11/6/2009
1508 10 30 days eom - yes Payment received: From 2 to 10 months (A few GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: yes) 1/19/2008

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