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1507 10 30 days net - always on time Payment received: No. A check for the March invoice was received on August 30, a check for the May invoice was received on September 19, the November invoice is not due yet but its receipt is not acknowledged up to now. (). (Will work for again: Yes) I've worked for them infrequently, but have not encountered any problems in any shape or form. 5/26/2008
1506 10 30 EOM - YES Payment received: Never on time (one year late) (Various, each of several hundred GBP). (Will work for again: YES) Very friendly and professional. I would almost say, with 'old-fashioned, traditional values' - they have been in existence for a long time, as I understand it. All the work is checked, i.e. quality is paramount, and feedback is good. 9/28/2008

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