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1501 9 net 30 - No, last invoice (May 2006) is not paid yet Payment received: Yes -1800. (Will work for again: Yes) [Not rated as no info provided about how often/how late invoices paid late (on average).] Not a bad agency but sometimes they don't pay in time. 11/26/2010
1500 6 usually 30 days - the last one was a couple of weeks late but the day I sent a reminder I ended up finding it in my mailbox. Payment received: Never paid (thousands of dollars). (Will work for again: certainly) 6/9/2012
1499 10 net 30 - Pretty much on time, as I recall Payment received: YES (). (Will work for again: Yes, but with reservations.) There is a little bit of an issue with micro-management. Even though Vivian has employees who do the placing of jobs, if there is the slightest discussion about anything, she gets involved and things are sometimes blown out of proportion. The last job (for editing) didn't happen because I wanted to know who the translator was and she refused to disclose that. When I asked her why, she informed me that the job had been placed with someone else. At other times she called me and asked why I was refusing to work with them after the deadline changed and I told the PM that it was now too tight for me to do it. In my experience, things go smoothly only if you don't ask questions and quietly do your job. 1/1/2011
1498 10 Less than a month - DEFINITELY YES I received Payment in about a week. Payment received: YES (Several thousand dollars.). (Will work for again: In a heartbeat.) I worked with Vivian about five years ago. At that time she was honest and trustworthy. She DEFINITELY issues Payment before 30 days. I don't suppose that her modus operandi would have changed, knowing her as I did. As far as money, she's pretty straight-arrow. Not only did Vivian befriend me at the time, but I worked for her as a translator. before she bought her building she is now in. She has been very successful and honest in her practices. She's a very nice person and an honest business owner. I cannot say enough good things about her business practices. 8/13/2010

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