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1489 8 net45 - Yes Payment received: YES ($500). (Will work for again: Yes) 10/13/2011
1488 10 net 45 days - Payments are sometimes a little bit late but nothing to worry about. They pay every single penny. Payment received: YES (thousands of US dollars). (Will work for again: YES) I like their workflow. They are very professionnal. Project managers are nice. 9/14/2011
1487 10 30 DAYS. - NEVER RECEIVED. Payment received: early (50.00 USD. ). (Will work for again: Never.) Harry approached me saying hos regular translator was on vacation and asked me to do small jobs. Then, when the invoice was issued, he tried to gain time stating some more work could come along and that he'd pay in bulk. Naturally nothing came afterwards. When I had to close my fiscal year, I reminded him of my outstanding invoice. He never replied. Someone replied claiming he was out of the Office and that my business would be taken care of that same day (April this year). It's June and nothing changed. 8/29/2008
1486 10 30 days - No, delays ranging from 30 days to non-Payment of the last few invoices for a total of USD555.19 Payment received: YES (). (Will work for again: No.) Be careful, they pay at the beginning of the relationship but when the invoices start accumulating they tend to delay Payments or change provider... 2/4/2006
1485 10 Not specified - NO - The first time after one year, the second time not yet received Payment received: [See below] ($75). (Will work for again: Never) [Mod. note - rating based on nonPayment of second invoice] They said they lost my data, that the check was on the way to the bank, that there was a misunderstanding with the accountant, please resend the invoice and we will process it soon, and so on 12/1/2011
1484 10 net 30 - No, 5 months & 10 days Payment received: NO, three weeks late ($300.00). (Will work for again: No, unless they pay upfront 50% and balance upon completion but before delivery. ) 11/17/2010
1483 10 60 days - yes Payment received: NO, technically. Today is day 30, only nominally late ($1500 (several invoices)). (Will work for again: surely! still do) Both Chris and Harry are very nice people to work with. They are a small agency but they are very cooperative 6/11/2009
1482 10 Not specified - Yes Payment received: 22-Nov-05 ($30). (Will work for again: Why not?) 12/10/2011

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