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158 0 0 30 days, I think - Yes (on 4/3/06) Payment received: Except the first. I believe it was paperwork problems. ($100). (Will work for again: Yes) The first couple years I worked with aLanguageBank, there were several instances of late Payments, but invoices were always paid after chasing them a bit. There was also a lot of employee turnover. I saw three PM's come and go in that time. After a particularly complicated (DTP) project in 2004, I stopped hearing from them. But since I had to chase Payment now and then, I didn't look into why the projects stopped coming. In fall 2005, they contacted me out of the blue. Ever since, I have been working with them fairly regularly, and Payments have all been on time or early. Things seem to have stabilized in terms of consistent Payment and otherwise. 8/19/2008
157 0 0 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes (hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes) Payment was on time. Deadlines were reasonable 9/28/2006

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