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1461 10 upon receipt of invoice - YES Payment received: no, not at all,had to send (post/fax and telephone calls) several reminders and they paid after one-two years (GBP 512). (Will work for again: DEFINITELY YES) Mirka Higgins is extremely friendly and helpful 6/2/2012
1460 10 30 days EOM - 2 on time, one tiny invoice needed chasing. Payment received: Yes, paid in one week (GBP 2000.00+). (Will work for again: Yes) Nice and professional, shame about that one tiny glitch (GBP 25.00 or so). 9/20/2007
1459 10 not sure - on time Payment received: YES (several hundreds of pounds). (Will work for again: yes) Very nice toe work with! 1/12/2012
1458 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: Yes, Payment was always very quick (3,000 GBP). (Will work for again: NO DOUBT: YESSSS!!!!!!!) MIRKA AND HER STAFF ARE REALLY PROFESSINAL PEOPLE TO WORK WITH. 4/6/2011
1457 10 30 days - Yes, always Payment received: Yes, Payment was always very quick (Between 2000 and 3000 pounds). (Will work for again: Most certainly!) Interesting work, great feedback and Payments are on time. 11/24/2006

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