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1449 10 - On time Payment received: 4 months (several 1000 ?? ). (Will work for again: Sure.) A pleasure to work with 6/14/2005
1448 10 35 days - YES Payment received: yes (about 15.000 euros). (Will work for again: I do regularly) Very reliable. They ask for monthly invoices which are checked by them during the first fortnight of the following month. Payment is made without fail on day 5 of the month after that. 11/26/2008
1447 10 35 days EOM - Yes Payment received: yes (thousands of euros). (Will work for again: I regularly do) Very nice people, highly professional, considerate in all aspects and ver helpful. A great agency. Judith is in charge of contacting freelancers and is extremely competent. 11/27/2008
1446 10 45 days - YES Payment received: yes (several thousand EUR ). (Will work for again: Still do) 1/20/2009

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