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work home translation jobs

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2678 45 8 10 9 8/18/2012
1423 10 around the 15th every month [for] the total work of the previous month. - See below Payment received: YES (Many thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I worked for them when they were part of Logos and after they split from them. They used to deal with Payments etc. from LNE Syacom which is now Siliamid, which does not have a good reputation. Initially, Payments were like clockwork but just recently they have had to be reminded. I don't work for them so much now because my rates are too high for them. [Mod. note] Not rated, because of the absence of dates/delays, etc. Annette Hennessy Baltonsborough, UK No liability will be accepted by the moderator of the list for the opinions expressed in the messages posted through the Payment Practices mailing list by its subscribers. Each subscriber is responsible for his or her own statement(s). Nor will any liability be accepted for the way in which subscribers or other individuals use the information provided on this list. The policies of the list and all other info you might need (addresses and info for managing your subscription, how to inquire, r 12/10/2009

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