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2867 0 not rating 0 0 I worked for them for two months and have contacted them over ten times in six months trying to receive my payment of over $1,000. No responses or very minimal response without following up on their obligation to pay me. 2017-09-14
2659 0 0 0 8/10/2012
155 0 0 Net 30 - YES by cheque Payment received: On time (100 USD ). (Will work for again: Yes, sure) No other comment 1/27/2011
154 60 10 As explained to me when I began working with them, net 45-60. Usually, Payment came more in the 30-45 range. - Received within their stated range, yes Payment received: YES ($8,000). (Will work for again: Yes) aLanguage Bank is a nice agency to work for. Please note, however, that they've recently had some turnover in Project Managers. I worked mainly with Rastko Kovacevic, who left at the end of this last month. Then there was someone else there for a week. Now I'm supposed to be working with someone named Chris, but I haven't heard from him yet. This may or may not affect the experience one will have working with the agency. 12/11/2009
153 90 0 net 30 - The Payments were all over the map, from net +10 to net +66. I never knew when I would get paid with this agency. Payment received: YES (on the 10th) (Around $8500 ). (Will work for again: Probably not, I think. ) Though the last PM I worked with, Chris, was nice, it was always more of a hassle to get paid than it was worth for me. 1/13/2011
152 0 0 30 Days net - Yes Payment received: No, I received it 90 days end of the month (hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes) Payment is always on time and interesting projects 7/8/2008
151 150 2 60 days end of month - YES Payment received: Yes (400/500 euro ). (Will work for again: yes) Luisa is a very nice person. Akura seemed like a one-person outfit though it may have grown since we worked together 8/9/2009
150 60 6 my terms are net 30... ASET's terms are net 45 - NEVER! Payment received: it's been 11 wks now ($280). (Will work for again: NEVER!! Please see below.) Warning! Several Translators filed a law suit against the company last year and the owner Mr. Gibson. Mr. Gibson is currently operating through another alias as Airport Process and has also used other Translator Agencies to carry out his work through, so be very careful. 9/5/2010

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