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1413 0 30 days EOM - Always Payment received: YES (Several thousand Euros). (Will work for again: Yes, I'm doing it right now) Lionbridge is one of the leading transllation provider of the world, probably the largest one. The Rome office was formerly Bowne Global Solutions and became Lionbridge some months ago after the integration of Bowne. I worked for Bowne Global Solutions (Milan office) from 1999 to 2002. When the Milan office closed and all the business moved to Rome, I was contacted by Patrizia Bello and started working for the Rome office. PMs are very professional and nice to work with. Absolutely no problem with Payment terms. 10/11/2007
1412 10 30 eom - see below Payment received: Yes (GBP 100). (Will work for again: Yes, doing one today) They have recently taken over the placing of jobs and Payment for them, from former Bowne Global offices in England (LB acquired BG a few months ago). Several jobs were still placed (and paid for on time) by BG offices in England after the acquisition, but this has now been reorganised as above. None of my 'new' invoices is yet due for Payment, so can't comment on timeliness. Let's hope it follows the good practices thus far. 9/26/2008

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