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2806 0 not rating not rating 3 I have done several jobs for them. They were OK, but I always had to email them to remind them to pay after 30 days. Typically they finally paid in 40 to 45 days. My second most recent invoice was paid after 56 days. The most recent one, for considerably more that $1,000, is already 62 days, and they are not answering my emails (this bothers me more than anything). Maybe they are having financial difficulties. I would not recommend them. 6/10/2010
1408 10 30 days from invoice - Payment made in January 2007, 7 months late, with apologies. Payment received: Yes. (90 GBP ). (Will work for again: I don't think so, sorry. ) I have been in touch on numerous occasions with several persons in the accounts dept and with my project manager, they give evasive replies/promises and no reply to WHY the Payment is not made. I have excellent experience of Lionbridge's Luton office (England), what is wrong with their Irish office? 4/30/2008
1407 10 30 days eom - Often 3-4 weeks late, occasionally up to 6 weeks late. Payment received: NO, Payment on August 8 (GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Possibly 20) Dealing with them is quite exhausting. This is the old Bowne Global organisation (and before that, Berlitz), now part of Lionbridge USA, but the Ireland office is the least efficient (by some margin) of the several Lionbridge offices I have worked for (UK, USA, Belgium, Germany etc, some of whom are relatively problem-free, others also difficult). It is often unclear who you need to speak to, and enquiries are sent from pillar to post (when not completely ignored). Promises (in respect of forwarding messages, of providing a reply, of Payment by a given date, of clarifying who one needs to speak to etc) are routinely not kept. The whole communication system is chaotic, with the organisational structure / names / job titles / which phone number belongs to whom being very opaque. An internal email about my Payment query (which I would rather not quote here, and which was certainly not meant to be seen by me for very good reason) was copied to me by mistake. 20 11/9/2007

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